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be careful what you wish for

Be Careful What You Wish For

You’ve probably heard the phrase before.  Be careful what you wish for.  Because you may actually get it.  And then some… Be Careful What You Wish For When we first started this business, we got really excited when a Wufoo came in.  Wufoo is the program that allows us to capture contact forms from potential […]

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great gifts for dog lovers

Great Gifts For Dog Lovers

It seems that people are always looking for great gifts for dog lovers.  One of our local vendors, Bendy Dog, sells quite a few of our breed specific leash holders.  Bend is a dog friendly community that loves to shower their pets with gifts! Great Gifts for Dog Lovers (and Dogs!) When it comes to […]

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customize custom metal art

Customize Custom Metal Art | How To Version

Have you ever wondered if you can customize custom metal art?  The answer is, of course, Yes! Customize Custom Metal Art You might say to yourself – but it’s already custom metal art.  Can I really change something to customize it even further for my interests. It’s actually quite easy to do.  Use your imagination. […]

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the lights are on but nobodys home

The Lights Are On But Nobody’s Home

If you Google “the lights are on but nobodys home”, you get a wide variety of definitions and examples.  One of the definitions is “someone who is mentally vacant”.  That’s kind of the way we’re feeling today at Sunriver Metal Works! The Lights Are On But Nobodys Home We need to mentally and physically get […]

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what goes up must come down

What Goes Up Must Come Down

What goes up must come down.  Be it a quote from Sir Isaac Newton, a physics viewpoint, or a song by Blood, Sweat, and Tears, it is a truism at Sunriver Metal Works today. What goes up must come down And so it did this morning.  Very sad to see this ponderosa laying in a […]

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chicago skyline wall art

Chicago Skyline Wall Art – Part 2

This post describes how we recently created a fairly large piece of Chicago skyline wall art for a client in Chicago. Chicago Skyline Wall Art A post written two weeks ago discusses the artistic process of creating the Chicago Skyline Metal Art for a Washington, DC couple two years ago.  We thought that was a […]

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chicago skyline metal wall art

Chicago Skyline Metal Wall Art

City skylines seem to be popular pieces of art to hang in your home.  Originally, our Chicago skyline metal wall art came into being from a custom order.  An attorney in Washington, DC grew up in Chicago.  He and his wife love the city, and he wanted to see it every day in his office.  The […]

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mass production vs one of a kind

Mass Production vs One Of A Kind

Custom work – our specialty!  That’s what we advertise, and that’s what we prefer.  Working with customers to create their vision is a very enjoyable process.  So, you might ask, why are we blogging about mass production vs one of a kind? Mass Production vs One Of A Kind Early on in our company’s career, […]

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custom metal word art

Custom Metal Word Art | Personalize Your Home

Christmas presents or just because, custom metal word art continues to be a big part of what we do at Sunriver Metal Works.  Whether it’s the television show Fixer Upper or people wanting to express themselves, word art is our bread and butter. Custom Metal Word Art Comes in many shapes and sizes Personalized word […]

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