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get priorities straight

Get Priorities Straight – It Makes Life Easier!

Running a small business and balancing life issues can make you crazy sometimes.  This year we’ve tried to get priorities straight both personally and professionally.  Life becomes a bit more hectic when you do that, but the gains outweigh the challenges. Get Priorities Straight It’s easy to let your business run your life.  You get […]

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using text

Using Text in Metal Art and Signs

People request text in many of the custom metal art and sign projects we work on.  Using text can be as simple as your address numbers, name, or ranch name.  They all follow the same types of consideration. Using Text As a general rule, we keep text to 1-1/2 inch minimum in height.  We know […]

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people read blogs

People Read Blogs – Amazing!

We found out recently that people read blogs.  A potential customer actually quoted a recent blog post about saying “no” to some projects. People Read Blogs Our blog posts are located on the home page of our website.  We keep new products and (hopefully) weekly posts front and center for people to see what’s going […]

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hard to say no

It Is Hard To Say No – Really!

Believe it or not, it is hard to say no to customers.  We’ve been doing it a lot lately.  Never in a million years did we think we would come to this place… It’s Hard to Say No In the past, we have always tried to figure out how to make the customer happy.  We […]

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customer communication

Customer Communication Is Key

In a previous blog post about Ordering Custom Metal Art, we gave your an overview of the process.  We start a new series with this blog post, delving in depth into each part of our process.  As outlined in the previous blog post, the Contact Form is generally the starting point for an order.  Customer communication […]

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sunriver oregon

Sunriver Oregon | Home of Sunriver Metal Works

If you Google “Sunriver Oregon“, you’ll find all kinds of useful information.  Since it’s a destination resort, you’ll find links to rentals, lodging, businesses, stores, etc.  But where exactly is Sunriver, Oregon? Sunriver Oregon Sunriver is the perfect place for our business.  It’s a small community with Sunriver Resort, houses, condos, and plenty of golf […]

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blog post

Blog Post or Housework – Must Be Tuesday

Yes – it must be Tuesday.  Should I write a blog post or do housework?  Sometimes it’s a hard choice to make! Blog Post? We (I) try to write a blog post every Tuesday or Wednesday.  Well there’s the simple answer.  Delay writing it until Wednesday!  More often than not, we have errands scheduled on […]

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be careful what you wish for

Be Careful What You Wish For

You’ve probably heard the phrase before.  Be careful what you wish for.  Because you may actually get it.  And then some… Be Careful What You Wish For When we first started this business, we got really excited when a Wufoo came in.  Wufoo is the program that allows us to capture contact forms from potential […]

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great gifts for dog lovers

Great Gifts For Dog Lovers

It seems that people are always looking for great gifts for dog lovers.  One of our local vendors, Bendy Dog, sells quite a few of our breed specific leash holders.  Bend is a dog friendly community that loves to shower their pets with gifts! Great Gifts for Dog Lovers (and Dogs!) When it comes to […]

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customize custom metal art

Customize Custom Metal Art | How-To Version

Have you ever wondered if you can customize custom metal art?  The answer is, of course, Yes! Customize Custom Metal Art You might say to yourself – but it’s already custom metal art.  Can I really change something to customize it even further for my interests. It’s actually quite easy to do.  Use your imagination. […]

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