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seasons greetings

Seasons Greetings from Sunriver Metal Works

Seasons Greetings from Sunriver Metal Works!  We’re wrapping up (no pun intended) all of the Christmas orders.  Mike sprayed his final clear coat of the year today.  The shop closes this week until January 1.  Time to go see the new granddaughter! Seasons Greetings As we wrap up our activities, our blessings from this year […]

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thanksgiving gratitude

Thanksgiving Gratitude From Sunriver Metal Works

What are we thankful for?  We are frequently asked that question from the media, from friends, from Facebook, and everywhere else.  Our Thanksgiving gratitude comes mainly from one place – YOU! Thanksgiving Gratitude Around this time of the year, we run as fast as we can trying to keep up with Christmas orders.  We want […]

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custom metal art designs

Custom Metal Art Designs | Sunriver Metal Works

We create our own custom metal art designs at Sunriver Metal Works.  And here’s how we do it! Custom Metal Art Designs We receive a website Contact from a potential customer and provide an estimate based on dimensions. Our client sends us a jpeg image(s) – the higher the resolution, the better. We request a $50 […]

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were back

Were Back or We’re back – you decide

It’s always good to take time off.  And coming home feels just as good.  So were back… We’re Back aka Were Back! Okay.  This is our first post since coming back from a month off.  Since you can’t use punctuation in good SEO, the We’re is now were.  You have to take your SEO points […]

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Happy Holidays and Gift ideas from Sunriver Metal Works

Custom Metal Work | Christmas 2017

It’s never too early to plan for Christmas 2017.  Especially when Sunriver Metal Works will be closed for most of September! Christmas 2017 In November 2015, we wrote a blog about the trials and tribulations of waiting until the last minute to order custom metal work for Christmas.  Between weather and computer crashes, we hustled […]

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get priorities straight

Get Priorities Straight – It Makes Life Easier!

Running a small business and balancing life issues can make you crazy sometimes.  This year we’ve tried to get priorities straight both personally and professionally.  Life becomes a bit more hectic when you do that, but the gains outweigh the challenges. Get Priorities Straight It’s easy to let your business run your life.  You get […]

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using text

Using Text in Metal Art and Signs

People request text in many of the custom metal art and sign projects we work on.  Using text can be as simple as your address numbers, name, or ranch name.  They all follow the same types of consideration. Using Text As a general rule, we keep text to 1-1/2 inch minimum in height.  We know […]

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people read blogs

People Read Blogs – Amazing!

We found out recently that people read blogs.  A potential customer actually quoted a recent blog post about saying “no” to some projects. People Read Blogs Our blog posts are located on the home page of our website.  We keep new products and (hopefully) weekly posts front and center for people to see what’s going […]

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hard to say no

It Is Hard To Say No – Really!

Believe it or not, it is hard to say no to customers.  We’ve been doing it a lot lately.  Never in a million years did we think we would come to this place… It’s Hard to Say No In the past, we have always tried to figure out how to make the customer happy.  We […]

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