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custom metal word art

Custom Metal Word Art | Personalize Your Home

Christmas presents or just because, custom metal word art continues to be a big part of what we do at Sunriver Metal Works.  Whether it’s the television show Fixer Upper or people wanting to express themselves, word art is our bread and butter. Custom Metal Word Art Comes in many shapes and sizes Personalized word […]

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customer satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Customer Satisfaction is guaranteed at Sunriver Metal Works. Why Customer Satisfaction is Important To Us When we first received the call about creating two signs for a local couple, our schedule was pretty busy.  Trade shows and custom orders had Mike working 7 days a week.  The couple wanted the signs to dress up the […]

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customer stories

Customer Stories | Inspiration to History

We frequently create ranch and logo signs for our customers.  Our website contains many customer stories within product descriptions and blog posts.  This story is particularly unique. Customer Stories – The Inspiration When Janis contacted us initially, she wanted to create a name sign for their entry gate.  The name was unique – El Recuerdo. […]

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shadow box diy

Shadow Box DIY Using Metal Art

The request started simply enough.  “I’m interested in having some steel wall art custom made for my wife as a Christmas gift”.  So, we read on.  And, we discovered the finished product Chris hoped to create.  A shadow box DIY project using metal art. Chris looked at the dog potraits in our gallery, which are […]

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friends we never meet

The Friends We Never Meet

We now have friends we never meet.  Until we started this business, we couldn’t have said that. Friends We Never Meet Receiving our first contacts and orders through our website, we realized the power of the internet.  It connected little Sunriver Metal Works in Sunriver, Oregon with the rest of the world.  Now we ship […]

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snow snow go away

Snow Snow Go Away | Or Not

It started with our neighbor saying “It can quit snowing any time.  I’m getting tired of it.”  We’re kind of feeling the same way right now.  So, it’s definitely a “snow snow go away” kind of day. Snow Snow Go Away It’s really a rain rain go away sentiment, but since we aren’t living in […]

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white christmas

White Christmas At Sunriver Metal Works!

Looks like it’s going to be a white Christmas at Sunriver Metal Works this year! We’re scurrying around trying to get last minute local orders done.  The reason?  We’re supposed to receive between 12 to 15 inches of snow tomorrow.  Which means, we’ll be spending most of the day keeping up with the snow fall. […]

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say no

Say No | The Truth Will Set You Free

Just Say No We don’t like to say no.  But sometimes you just have to.  Around the holidays, telling people no is especially difficult.  They are trying to make people happy.  You want to help them do that. Personalized Gifts When we receive contacts from potential customers, it shows that we create unique items for gift […]

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Inspiration | Where Does It Come From

What is inspiration, and where does it come from? According to the dictionary, it is: the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. the drawing in of breath; inhalation. So according to this definition, we all have inspiration every day.  We draw breath in.  We are inspired. […]

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