Our Work

We use your photographs or images to create unique, custom metal art. Personalized metal art and products are created using 16 gauge steel and patinas that complement your home decor, yard, shop or favorite destination.

Our Approach

Your ideas become reality as we work with you to create that special gift for you or a friend. From custom motorcycles to unique yard art, no job is too big or too small. Start to finish, your complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Our Beliefs

Custom metal art can be both beautiful and functional. Custom work should be affordable and available to everyone. Your metal art or sign should bring a smile to your face whenever you look at it. Your vision is key in the creative process.

Recent Posts from the Blog

So Close But So Far Away

You've heard the song "So Far Away."  These days, we are thinking the Covid vaccine is so close but so far away.  It's a feeling that many people in the country feel. So Close But So Far Away We've talked about the pandemic in several blog posts.  The first one talked...

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Supply and Demand | The Bottom Line

We're always impacted by the laws of Supply and Demand.  Whether it's our supplies or the demand for custom metal art. Supply and Demand We recently were reminded of the impacts of the law of Supply and Demand.  Especially when it comes to steel prices. After calling...

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Something Different Every Day

At Sunriver Metal Works our motto is "custom work - our specialty."  Because of that, it truly is something different every day. Something Different Every Day All you have to do is look at the "New Products" section of our website homepage.  That is the best snapshot...

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Out With The Old…

How does the saying going - Out With The Old and In With The New.  We certainly are there and then some when it comes to the current year and needing a change from it! Out With The Old... Many things have happened in 2020.  That seems strange considering how much time...

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Gratitude – What Are You Thankful For

Gratitude - It's something we don't think about enough.  We think about what we are grateful for.  How about you? Gratitude It's not just that time of the year when we should think about what we are grateful for.  We should be thinking about it all of the time. ...

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