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shipping challenges

Shipping Challenges, Surprises and Opportunities

We deal with shipping challenges every time we receive an order for custom metal work.  Especially with large pieces.  This blog post explores recent challenges and opportunities we’ve encountered. Shipping Challenges When we started our business, the majority of our sales occurred at craft and art shows.  We had a few orders through our website, […]

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people read blogs

People Read Blogs – Amazing!

We found out recently that people read blogs.  A potential customer actually quoted a recent blog post about saying “no” to some projects. People Read Blogs Our blog posts are located on the home page of our website.  We keep new products and (hopefully) weekly posts front and center for people to see what’s going […]

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hard to say no

It Is Hard To Say No – Really!

Believe it or not, it is hard to say no to customers.  We’ve been doing it a lot lately.  Never in a million years did we think we would come to this place… It’s Hard to Say No In the past, we have always tried to figure out how to make the customer happy.  We […]

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blog post

Blog Post or Housework – Must Be Tuesday

Yes – it must be Tuesday.  Should I write a blog post or do housework?  Sometimes it’s a hard choice to make! Blog Post? We (I) try to write a blog post every Tuesday or Wednesday.  Well there’s the simple answer.  Delay writing it until Wednesday!  More often than not, we have errands scheduled on […]

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be careful what you wish for

Be Careful What You Wish For

You’ve probably heard the phrase before.  Be careful what you wish for.  Because you may actually get it.  And then some… Be Careful What You Wish For When we first started this business, we got really excited when a Wufoo came in.  Wufoo is the program that allows us to capture contact forms from potential […]

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the lights are on but nobodys home

The Lights Are On But Nobody’s Home

If you Google “the lights are on but nobodys home”, you get a wide variety of definitions and examples.  One of the definitions is “someone who is mentally vacant”.  That’s kind of the way we’re feeling today at Sunriver Metal Works! The Lights Are On But Nobodys Home We need to mentally and physically get […]

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time zone

Time Zone Using Phone Number

It seems simple enough.  How do you determine the time zone using a phone number? Time Zone It appears that people don’t think about time zones any more.  We think that because we’ve been getting more and more calls early in the morning. Apparently, our digital world precludes the need for time zones. Where is […]

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