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creating metal artwork

Creating Metal Artwork | Mt Hood Art

When it comes to creating metal artwork, we consider each project an opportunity to experiment.  Our most recent Mt Hood project provided us with a unique challenge.  Fill an empty space in an entertainment center with the client’s view of Mt Hood! Friends Paul and Rose love their view of Mt Hood.  Problem is, the […]

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product design fails

Product Design Fails – You Decide

Don’t let the title fool you.  Product Design Fails is not just about a design that maybe didn’t work.  Read on.  Maybe you can help us figure it out. Product Design Fails So, we haven’t had that many of them.  And, we pride ourselves in being able to create a product out of someone’s vision.  […]

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customer photos

Customer Photos | Website Eye Candy

We love receiving customer photos of our installed pieces! Customer Photos When we receive customer photos via email, it’s a stamp of approval that we did our job right!  Many times, we’ll even hear the stories behind the artwork.  This is the first in a series of blog posts featuring some of those photos. The […]

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ordering custom metal work

Ordering Custom Metal Work

Thinking about ordering custom metal work?  Here’s a How To Guide! Ordering Custom Metal Work? So, you’ve been thinking about ordering custom metal work or wall art or ???  You’ve spent some time searching the internet, possibly using Google.  You have found various sites and images and possibly clicked on a few.  Hopefully our page […]

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customer communication

Customer Communication Is Key

In a previous blog post about Ordering Custom Metal Art, we gave your an overview of the process.  We start a new series with this blog post, delving in depth into each part of our process.  As outlined in the previous blog post, the Contact Form is generally the starting point for an order.  Customer communication […]

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customize custom metal art

Customize Custom Metal Art | How-To Version

Have you ever wondered if you can customize custom metal art?  The answer is, of course, Yes! Customize Custom Metal Art You might say to yourself – but it’s already custom metal art.  Can I really change something to customize it even further for my interests. It’s actually quite easy to do.  Use your imagination. […]

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chicago skyline wall art

Chicago Skyline Wall Art – Part 2

This post describes how we recently created a fairly large piece of Chicago skyline wall art for a client in Chicago. Chicago Skyline Wall Art A post written two weeks ago discusses the artistic process of creating the Chicago Skyline Metal Art for a Washington, DC couple two years ago.  We thought that was a […]

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