Maybe you’ve heard the song “Just The Two of Us” by Bill Withers.  It’s memorable and in this case so true.  Sunriver Metal Works is…

Just The Two of Us

Sometimes we think people have the misconception that Sunriver Metal Works is a medium size company that employs a bunch of people.  They don’t realize (even though we have blogged about it), that it really is just Mike and Pat.

People wonder why we can’t just turn around a new design/product in less than a week.  Just because they waited until the last minute to get that special gift for someone.  We’ve even sent pieces out FedEx Express because a spouse waited until the week before a major anniversary.  We can only do so much.

We have also written blogs that discuss the fact that custom work makes up about 95% of all orders.  That takes time to design, fabricate, and ship.

Since custom work is our specialty, we really try to create a product that fulfills your vision.  This is how we do it.

Mike – Product Manager

When you complete a Contact Form, Mike sends you an email with questions, quotes, or information based on your query.  If you provide a phone number and it will be easier to talk about the project, Mike calls you.  Once we receive enough information to provide a quote and you decide to proceed, we will ask for a $50 design deposit.  This is sent via a PayPal secure link.  This means we don’t have your credit card information in our files.

Mike works up a design and uses email to send the prototype.  Once approved, he will provide the final cost and shipping/handling estimate.  Once that amount is paid (again via PayPal), it takes about 2 to 3 weeks to complete the final product.  The production of the product can include our plasma CNC machine, welding, patinas and/or paint, and automotive clearcoat.  Mike prefers pieces to cure for at least 24 hours when using the clearcoat.  When we are ready to ship, we let you know and use your email for tracking purposes.  Most often FedEx is used for shipping (they generally are the least expensive option).  We always check for the least expensive option, unless you request a specific shipper.  East coast shipping can take a week or more, since we are located just outside of Bend, Oregon.

Mike creates the box specifically for your package using a product that has proved pretty dependable.  If you have the time to take a photo of the installed piece, we will add it to our website listing.

Pat – Website & Office Manager

Pat adds new products to the website and writes up blog posts.  We try to leverage any SEO best practices to keep our products fairly high in Google searches.  Both of us clean up images of the products to add to the website as well as posting to our social media pages on Instagram and Facebook.  Pat keeps the monthly books and (according to Mike) cracks the whip on keeping the expenditures business related.  Shipping is another one of Pat’s duties.

We really work together on the business.  Frequently, we’ll talk about designs and the best way to create a piece.  Sometimes Pat will help out on the design side and how finishes are applied to a piece.  It really is a family run business – even though it’s just the two of us!

Have questions for just the two of us?

If you have any questions about how this all comes together, just ask.  If you want to stop by the shop, just call and make an appointment.  We’re usually here.  Mike loves to talk about the process to creating unique metal art and signs.  Our phone number is 541-323-1798.  Or send us an email at  Or complete a Contact Form on the website.  We’re always excited to try new projects!