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texas two step

Texas Two Step | Visiting The Grandkids

You may think the Texas Two Step is a dance move that originated in Texas.  Think again.  Keeping up with the granddaughters is like doing the Texas Two Step! Texas Two Step When you Google the term, you find all kinds of results.  First, there’s the Texas lottery game.  Then there’s the YouTube video showing […]

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what doesnt kill you

What Doesn’t Kill Us…

You’ve heard it before, but is “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” really true? What Doesn’t Kill Us Not a lot of metal work has been happening in the last two weeks.  We’ve been struggling with Snowmageddon 2019 in Central Oregon since February 23rd. The phrase “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” really […]

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daylight saving time

Daylight Saving Time Confusion

Daylight saving time got you confused?  We know we were confused on our recent trip to the southwestern states. Daylight Saving Time As far as we know, Arizona is the only state currently not using daylight saving time.  On face value, this isn’t a big deal.  But, let me tell you why it confused the […]

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true north

True North | Finding and Keeping It

Google “true north” and you find everything from definitions of magnetic true north to self-help books.  There are Facebook pages, blog posts, and scientific explanations on how not to get lost when relying on a compass. This week’s blog is about how we discovered our path to this business (our current true north) and the […]

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growing old along with me

Growing Old | Not For Sissies

Growing old – it’s not for sissies.  Betty Davis said something like this in a quote once.  This year has definitely been a reminder that age is slowly creeping up on us. Pinterest Quotes for Growing Old Sometimes you just have to stop and read some of the great quotes you can find on the internet. […]

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midwest vacations recommended

Midwest Vacations – Cheese Curds and Brews!

This year our vacations have been 2 to 3 days camping at local parks.  Pat wanted to make a trip to see her mom in Wisconsin and brother’s new place in Minnesota.   So, reservations were made and Midwest vacations became a reality! First stop – Minnesota! After landing at Minneapolis and renting our car (ouch […]

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new day

The End of One Day Means The Start of A New Day

The partners at Sunriver Metal Works were in different parts of the country last week.  Mike had to stay home and keep the work going, while Pat was visiting her mom in Wisconsin.  So the start of this new day meant that Pat would be returning home. Sitting out on our deck the evening Pat […]

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dogs and cats

Dogs and Cats – Their Love Love Relationship

We have both dogs and cats in our household at Sunriver Metal Works. In fact, we have 3 of each. They all peacefully co-exist (at least most of the time). Our new puppy, Cutter, has pointed out a few differences between dogs and cats that we always knew (but didn’t think about much). Cats can jump […]

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