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Creativity | Our Secret Sauce

We love what we do.  You have to in order to be successful.  At least we think so.  Creativity seems to be our secret sauce in this competitive market. Creativity Definition – “the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.” It’s also a discipline according to Wikipedia.  […]

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shipping challenges

Shipping Challenges, Surprises and Opportunities

We deal with shipping challenges every time we receive an order for custom metal work.  Especially with large pieces.  This blog post explores recent challenges and opportunities we’ve encountered. Shipping Challenges When we started our business, the majority of our sales occurred at craft and art shows.  We had a few orders through our website, […]

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metal work pricing guide

Pricing Guide Info | Custom Metal Work

If you’ve looked on our website, you know we don’t have prices on our products.  Here’s our explanation of our pricing guide info for custom metal work. Pricing Guide Info We wrote about pricing guide info early on in a 2015 blog post.  The basic elements of pricing our work hasn’t changed much since then.  We […]

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Conversation | The Original Social

It’s something that (hopefully) everyone does each day.  Have a conversation with someone.  Not a text exchange.  Not a post on Facebook.  A real conversation. Conversation The definition of conversation is “the informal exchange of ideas by spoken words.”  Emphasis on the word SPOKEN.  This could be on the phone, but hopefully it’s face to […]

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when in Rome

When In Rome | Do As The Romans Do!

You may be wondering what “when in Rome” has to do with Sunriver Metal Works.  Read on to find out! When In Rome This blog post will be short and sweet.  It’s Thursday morning, and I’m in a hurry to get everything done before leaving for a week. Mike is finishing up a long road […]

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creating metal artwork

Creating Metal Artwork | Mt Hood Art

When it comes to creating metal artwork, we consider each project an opportunity to experiment.  Our most recent Mt Hood project provided us with a unique challenge.  Fill an empty space in an entertainment center with the client’s view of Mt Hood! Friends Paul and Rose love their view of Mt Hood.  Problem is, the […]

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product design fails

Product Design Fails – You Decide

Don’t let the title fool you.  Product Design Fails is not just about a design that maybe didn’t work.  Read on.  Maybe you can help us figure it out. Product Design Fails So, we haven’t had that many of them.  And, we pride ourselves in being able to create a product out of someone’s vision.  […]

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customer photos

Customer Photos | Website Eye Candy

We love receiving customer photos of our installed pieces! Customer Photos When we receive customer photos via email, it’s a stamp of approval that we did our job right!  Many times, we’ll even hear the stories behind the artwork.  This is the first in a series of blog posts featuring some of those photos. The […]

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ordering custom metal work

Ordering Custom Metal Work

Thinking about ordering custom metal work?  Here’s a How To Guide! Ordering Custom Metal Work? So, you’ve been thinking about ordering custom metal work or wall art or ???  You’ve spent some time searching the internet, possibly using Google.  You have found various sites and images and possibly clicked on a few.  Hopefully our page […]

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