Are you looking for unique wedding anniversary gift ideas?  Check out this blog post to give you food for thought for a special wedding or anniversary gift!  Or check out our Product Tags for wedding gifts.

Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

We can honestly say that we’ve created some very unique metal art as wedding or anniversary gifts.  The gifts seem to fall into several categories.  That’s the easiest way to highlight them in this blog post.

Favorite Things Category

These are a few of my favorite things may be a line from a Julie Andrews song.  When it comes to wedding anniversary gift ideas, it definitely shows up as a theme.  From states people have lived in to colleges they attended, each piece represents the happy couple.  Here’s a few that fall into that category.

From a favorite place they visited to their wedding venue, all of the locations have a special meaning.  Beer drinker or wine lover or fishing enthusiast, can make up the focus of the piece.  Even special symbols that represent a relationship can become a special gift.  If you know someone who is celebrating a special anniversary and want to create a special gift, contact us!

The Happy Couple Category

Names and dates also work for wedding anniversary gift ideas.  You can combine them with words or a date.  Swirly or simple.  You decide the look you’re after.  And the message you want to convey.

Words of Love Category

Then we have the word art category.  People may have a favorite song or bible verse or poem that speaks to them.  We create the message you want to send.

If you’re looking for wedding anniversary gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place.  Let us know how we can help you create the perfect gift for friends or family!