We see companies advertise it all the time.  But according to our customers, it isn’t always true.  In our book, custom metal art IS our specialty!

Custom Metal Art Is Our Specialty

Quite some time ago, we decided to stop doing shows.  We never knew what people would buy.  Extra inventory hung on our walls waiting for someone to spy it on a visit.  We enjoyed meeting the people, but the shows weren’t always profitable.

Our custom metal art and sign business started picking up three years ago.  We decided that was a sign.  So to speak.

Customers Tell Us

Our customers find us by googling a variety of topics.  We’re always amazed at the topics they find us by.  What customers tell us is that they can’t find companies that will do purely custom work.

The companies may say that custom work is their specialty.  But, what they mean is that they’ll change a name.  But the design will stay the same.

Or, we’re told that the companies never respond.

Many customers tell us that they have been waiting for months just to see designs.

What We Love

Custom work provides us with the best of both worlds.  We get to deal with real people.  And, sometimes we actually get to meet them.  Whether vacationing or a local, we’ve had many people come by the shop to see our work.  Just call and set up an appointment.  Even though we don’t have an actual store front, we’re usually here.

Designing new creations is what Mike loves to do.  His creative juices get going as he’s working on something new.  We incorporate old designs into new.  And, we create new designs from jpeg images sent by our customers.

It’s always something different.

Why Wait?

If you’ve been thinking about creating a sign, wall art, or ?, contact us today.  Custom metal art is our specialty – REALLY.  We’d love to start working with you to steel your ideas into a new design!