Fixing construction mistakes with metal art can be quite challenging.  At a minimum, it is not a process to be rushed.  Read on to find out more about this interesting project!

Fixing Construction Mistakes With Metal

Many things can go wrong during a home construction project.  You’ve got contractors and sub-contractors which becomes even more challenging when you are dealing with a booming construction phase.

We originally met these home owners when they were in the process of moving into their new home.  They wanted us to create a larger version of our Juniper tree for their front entry.  Their move in date had been postponed due to major siding issues.  We took measurements of the area and returned with the piece after the siding was fixed.  In this case, the metal art enhanced the area rather than fix an issue.

Home Decor

We’ve done several home decor projects over the years.  From railing inserts to statement pieces, we have enjoyed working with homeowners on various projects.  Fixing construction mistakes with metal art isn’t always the intention with metal work.  More often that not, the homeowner is looking to enhance an area.  Or perhaps detract from a construction mistake.  We don’t always know.

In the case of this project, the homeowners were not happy with their central fireplace.  It was not framed square.   When the tile was laid on each side of the fireplace, it was off by 1/4 inch to 3/4 inch.  This meant gaps showed up on the floor and alongside the tile work.  The tile sub-contractor did the best they could.  They suggested metal to fix the problem(s).

In most cases, visitors to your house would have no idea there was an issue.  To the homeowner who sees it every day, it becomes an eyesore.  They wanted it fixed.  Could we help?

Mixing Construction With Art

Mike’s background is construction.  He has a unique perspective when it comes to fixing construction mistakes with metal.  We discussed various design options and how they would fit into the fireplace caps on each end.  Complimenting the current home decor and matching the style of the fireplace surround was key.  Metal can add an industrial look or highlight color ranges found in the decor.  The patinas we use compliment both aspects well.

Mike talked about using angle iron and flat stock to frame each end and “hide” the flaws of framing.  It could cap the tile along the sides and any variations would disappear.  Our homeowners loved the concept and started looking at options for panels.  They wanted a simple design that added a feature rather than looking like a “cover up.”  Mike felt he could do just that.

The Design Process

It’s great working with clients who want to be involved in the process.  They did their research and gave us some ideas they liked.  From there, we created a prototype that fit in our front porch area perfectly.  Great planning!

fixing construction mistakes with metal

They loved the prototype, so Mike did final measures of everything needed to finish the piece.  Notice in the feature photo the framework built around the art.  It basically wrapped around the tile on each side to cap it.  Took a bit of planning and construction, but the end result was worth it.


Installing the Finished Piece

This last weekend, we installed the finished pieces.  And, the clients (who are now friends) love them.  We made several trips to the house during this project to measure and fit everything before the finished piece was ready.  We’ve totally enjoyed working on this project and getting to know this couple.  We’re really pleased with the way everything turned out.  It really shows you that you are only limited by your imagination.

Need Help?

If you have a similar need or project that you’re trying to figure out, contact us.  We’re always looking for a new challenge!