Customize Custom Metal Art | How-To Version

Have you ever wondered if you can customize custom metal art?  The answer is, of course, Yes!

Customize Custom Metal Art

You might say to yourself – but it’s already custom metal art.  Can I really change something to customize it even further for my interests.

It’s actually quite easy to do.  Use your imagination.  You’ll be surprised what you come up with.

Combine Two Ideas

Cameron and his family recently moved to Pittsburgh.  They googled wall decor to personalize their new home.  The Pittsburgh Skyline  popped up and would fit their wall space.  They also love the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Could we combine the Steelers logo somehow with the skyline?  Check out their finished Skyline!

customize custom metal art

Steelers and Skyline detail.

Look At Your Space Needs

We always tell people to look at the wall space they have to fill.  Sometimes it makes sense to cut out a piece of paper or cardboard and hang it on the wall.  This gives you a spatial idea of what the finished piece will look like on the wall.  We stretch images to fill the space and at the same time keep it proportional.  We send the proposed design so you get an idea of how the finished piece will look.

How Do You Want To Hang It?

Depending on the piece size, we can weld picture hangers to match stud layouts.  This way, you know it will be secure.  Just for reference, however, steel weighs 2.5 pounds per square foot.  If you have cut out areas in the wall art, it may not be as heavy as you think.  Ask us to calculate it for you, if you aren’t sure.

Look At Complementary Colors

We always work with our customers to pick the best patina colors for their wall.  Samples of the patinas and options can be found on our website.  The best rule of thumb is to look at your room accessories.  The copper with bronze patina combination creates a true bronze color, which is popular.  The copper with black patina combination proves to be the most popular.  It has a wide variety of color ranges in the finished piece.  Dark walls will look better with copper patina or polished steel.

Talk To Us!

Finally, we’re always happy to talk to you about your custom piece.  So, just call us at 541-323-1796.  We’d love to work with you on creating the perfect custom metal art for your home!