Our old ’38 Chevy Coupe metal art pieces were finished with copper and pewter patinas.  It tones down the copper patina with more of a brown tone.

We can always try to match specialized colors for your custom metal art.  Motorcycle owners love to have their bikes painted to match.  Our paint store can easily match an original paint color for anything from classic cars to recent year motorcycles.

Although our patinas are our most popular finish, sometimes clients want something to naturally rust.  We have a special formula we use to start the rusting process.  We’ll spray that on your piece to get the process started!

The combination of Copper and Bronze patinas create a true dark bronze color.  This color is perfect as accent wall art in many homes.

This bronze patina is used to create green effects for trees and landscapes.  It creates some interesting variations due to variations in the steel.

This polished steel look creates a smooth, industrial looking finish.  Using a special sanding technique, a stainless steel look is achieved.  You can seal it with an automotive clear coat or satin finish.

This alternative shows the steel without any patinas applied.  The dross is removed from the steel after cutting and does not have clear coat applied. The natural grind swirl patterns give variation to the surface.

The combination of copper and black patinas  is used by Sunriver Metal Works to create dramatic variations in single and double layer signs.

The copper patina used by Sunriver Metal Works will vary from a bright copper to more subdued, depending on the steel.  Copper is frequently used on the bottom layer of many double layer signs.