SMW0255 Custom Metal Decor Wall Art Pittsburgh Skyline

Our first skyline!

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It’s always interesting to see the types of requests that come through our website Contact form.  This was came from a woman who found us through Google.  She was looking for metal wall art of her favorite skyline – Pittsburgh.  We hadn’t ever done one before, so why not?  She wanted it to be 5 feet long – a new record for our “shipping department”.  Fun project and new experience!

Update 4/1/17 – We also created a small version of the Pittsburgh Skyline – see dimensions below.

Colors:  Copper with heavy black over spray patinas.

Dimensions:  60″ wide x 18″ high; Small version – 24″ wide x 7.25″ high.

Hangers:  Picture hangers were used on this piece.