How to Order Custom Work

Custom Metal Work is our specialty at Sunriver Metal Works!  Check out our  Product Gallery for ideas.  It’s easy to order custom work.  We can customize any product just for you!

  1. Use the Request to Customize Product form to describe the item you would like us to create for you.  OR  If you have a jpeg or other image already in mind, use the Send An Image form and attach the image with your request.
  2. We use your email address or phone number only to clarify image specifics, dimensions, patinas, shipping and other factors.  This information helps us give you a firm cost for your custom order.
  3. We request a Design Deposit of $50 to start the process.  This deposit will be applied to the final product cost and lets us know you want to proceed with the project.  We send invoices through Paypal, which accepts most credit cards. Checks or cash (for local delivery) are also acceptable.
  4. Once we receive the Design Deposit, we let you know timeframes to produce the custom work.  The simpler the image, the easier it should be to  produce.  A simple image should take less time to get to a vectored image.  A complex image (e.g. a motorcycle) could take hours to get to a vectored image.
  5. We will send you a prototype picture of your image for approval and request payment before we cut and finish the item.
  6. Once payment is received, we let you know when the piece will be completed.  We are currently 4 weeks out before we ship.
  7. When your item is shipped, you will receive a tracking form.

Gallery Products versus Custom Work Orders

Images that you see in our Gallery can be ordered directly.   Just provide us with an SMW# when you Contact us.  Any custom requests for Gallery items, such as powder coating or painting, will be treated as a Custom Work order.

Satisfaction Guaranteed when you Order Custom Work

If you are not happy with your finished item when you order custom work, you can return it for a full refund.  All we ask is that you pay shipping costs to get it back to us.  Once we inspect the return item, we will refund your purchase price.  If an item is damaged in shipping, contact us immediately.  If you do not contact us within 15 days of receiving damaged goods along with photos of damaged box and item, we cannot make a claim with the shipping company.  We will, therefore, not be able to refund your money.