The End of One Day Means The Start of A New Day

The partners at Sunriver Metal Works were in different parts of the country last week.  Mike had to stay home and keep the work going, while Pat was visiting her mom in Wisconsin.  So the start of this new day meant that Pat would be returning home.

Sitting out on our deck the evening Pat returned, we had a glorious sunset.  It really gave us the opportunity to sit and reflect on the beauty of Central Oregon, and why we love living here so much.


The End of the Day

Pat had a teaser of why we love Oregon so much when she was flying into Portland that afternoon.  Mt. Hood was on her side of the plane, and the Cascades were visible all the way down to Mt. Bachelor and the Sisters.  Mt. Jefferson was also in view.  A breath taking way to re-enter our state of bliss.


Mt. Hood in all of it’s splendor with the southern Cascades in the distance.

We love it here, our business brings us joy, and our friends enrich our lives.  We couldn’t ask for anything else.  So, that’s why we love sunsets.  As each day ends, we always know we’ll have a new day to experience new challenges.