Ordering Custom Metal Work

Thinking about ordering custom metal work?  Here’s a How To Guide!

Ordering Custom Metal Work?

So, you’ve been thinking about ordering custom metal work or wall art or ???  You’ve spent some time searching the internet, possibly using Google.  You have found various sites and images and possibly clicked on a few.  Hopefully our page is at the top of your list!  Here’s a primer on how to order from Sunriver Metal Works!

Find an Image You Like?

Find our products several ways on our home page.

  • Click on the drop down menu for SHOP & GALLERY and pick products by topic.
  • Click on one of the NEW PRODUCTS on the home page.
  • Type a TOPIC into the SEARCH bar on the top of the home page.  e.g., if you type in “mountains”, you’ll see a list of products that have mountains in the title or description.

Once you have a product listed, you can use PRODUCT TAGS (on the right side or bottom of the page) to search quickly by topics.

Contact Us!

Just under the product title and description, you’ll find a CONTACT US link.  Please note the SMW# of the item you like, and note that number in the message to us.

We’ll get back to you just as soon as we can!

Your Ideas

Let us know:

  • Dimensions – measure up the space you want the piece to hang in.  Sometimes cutting out a cardboard mock up will help visually size.
  • Products (SMW#) you like – let us know what you like about each, so we can design something unique for you.
  • Fonts you like – we suggest you look at our Word Art products for examples or a website like MyFonts.com.
  • When you need it by – to ship to the east coast will take at least 5 business days.
  • Zip code to ship to

We’ll respond with an email to further clarify and then estimate the cost for the piece and shipping/handling.  Our S/H costs include the actual shipping cost, packing supplies/time, and PayPal fees.

Design Deposit

If you’re interested in proceeding, we ask for a $50 design deposit.  We send you a PayPal invoice (email with link), so your credit card information is secure (and you don’t need a PayPal account).  Once received, we proceed with the design.  This process is handled through emails and usually takes 1 day to a week.

Approved Design

Once we have an approved design and final payment (balance due and S/H costs), we send it to the shop.  This will take 2 to 3 weeks.  We try to ship earlier than that if at all possible.  If you have tight time frames, we will try to work within those.  It all depends on orders in the shop at the time.


We send the majority of our pieces via FedEx.  If it’s Oregon or Washington, your piece may go US Postal Service.  Generally, we ship with the least expensive shipper.  Our packing materials ensure that your piece will arrive in excellent shape.

Streamlined Process for Ordering Custom Metal Work

Since it’s just the two of us (Mike & Pat), we’re able to “go with the flow”.  The system we have worked out for ordering custom metal work has been improved upon over the 5 years we’ve been in business.  It seems to work pretty well, based on our customer’s comments.


Let us know if you have questions.  You can email us at info@sunrivermetalworks.com or call us at 541-323-1796.  We’re usually available!