They seem to change all the time, but here’s a line up of our most popular products.

Most Popular Products

When we first started out, we did quite a few trade shows.  We definitely had a line of most popular products that we worked hard to keep in stock.  As we fazed out of trade shows, we focused on custom work.

Our custom work definitely has opened up the flow of ideas of what is possible.  We’ve done everything from a totem to accessories for home furnishing.  The sky is the limit.

As we customize our products, the new items have become our most popular products.  Here’s a few examples.

Portland Stag Art

The first time we created our Portland Stag art, we were combining several aspects of a beloved town.  We created a unique new view of the outline of Oregon with the stag after making sure we could use the white stag image.  We found a similar font, created a Portland skyline and added Mt Hood.  It’s a unique art piece that captures the beauty of Portland.

When we say it’s a popular item, that’s a relative statement.  We aren’t a production company.  We create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.  We have sized it larger and have made it with a “snow-capped” Mt Hood.

Currently, we are adding Fire Prevention as a focus to the piece.

Wine Lovers Wall Art

We’ve also created several types of wine lovers wall art over the years.  Whether an anniversary or a cellar name, we’ve created quite a few.


Monograms have also been some of our most popular products.  We started out pretty simple.  Recently, we created one with more of an anniversary flare.  Always a special gift to give for wedding, anniversary, or new home.

Wedding Gifts

Another popular type of product is the wedding gift.  These range from ideas surrounding the bride and groom’s interests to simple names and dates.

Custom Work Is Our Specialty

Whatever you’re looking for, we can help.  Our next blog will focus on mountain scenes to help you think about ideas for your home decor.  Contact us if you’re interested in exploring the possibilities!