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metal home decor ideas

Metal Home Decor Ideas | Easily Customized

We love branching out and coming up with new metal home decor ideas at Sunriver Metal Works.  And, we easily customize pieces for your home combining your needs with our expertise. Metal Home Decor Ideas Recently, we decided to create a new coffee table for our front room.  The one we purchased a few years […]

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creating metal artwork

Creating Metal Artwork | Mt Hood Art

When it comes to creating metal artwork, we consider each project an opportunity to experiment.  Our most recent Mt Hood project provided us with a unique challenge.  Fill an empty space in an entertainment center with the client’s view of Mt Hood! Friends Paul and Rose love their view of Mt Hood.  Problem is, the […]

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chicago skyline wall art

Chicago Skyline Wall Art – Part 2

This post describes how we recently created a fairly large piece of Chicago skyline wall art for a client in Chicago. Chicago Skyline Wall Art A post written two weeks ago discusses the artistic process of creating the Chicago Skyline Metal Art for a Washington, DC couple two years ago.  We thought that was a […]

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chicago skyline metal wall art

Chicago Skyline Metal Wall Art

City skylines seem to be popular pieces of art to hang in your home.  Originally, our Chicago skyline metal wall art came into being from a custom order.  An attorney in Washington, DC grew up in Chicago.  He and his wife love the city, and he wanted to see it every day in his office.  The […]

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new look

New Look from Two Old Standards

We’re always fascinated by the kinds of requests we get for custom metal work.  Recently, a customer requested combining two of our current products into a new look. Sunriver Logo In the past, we created the Sunriver Logo into 16″, 24″ and 36″ wall art.  We’ve also created a Sunriver Christmas Ornament that has been a big seller. […]

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great gifts for dog lovers

Going To The Dogs In Metal

It’s been fun working with Bendy Dog, a new dog boutique in Bend.  Customers are always coming into the store looking for their special breed of dog.  We’ve created everything from labradors to pugs to floppy eared pitbulls.  Going to the dogs is an understatement!         There are also signs for inspiration and […]

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functional metal art

Functional Metal Art | Decor With Fun

We needed to replace our current front entry chandelier (antlers – mind you, there’s nothing wrong with these – just not our style).  What better way to spruce up the entry than combine our metal work with a new look.  We love creating functional metal art for our home. After searching through outdoor stores and online […]

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