We love branching out and coming up with new metal home decor ideas at Sunriver Metal Works.  And, we easily customize pieces for your home combining your needs with our expertise.

Metal Home Decor Ideas

Recently, we decided to create a new coffee table for our front room.  The one we purchased a few years back was just too large for the space.  Just walking around the table gave new meaning to pretzel logic.  Mike measured up the space, and we decided on the size that would work.

Creating the Coffee Table

Mike started the process by looking at leftover tile from home remodel projects.  A neutral palate seemed like the best start.  Mike welded feet to square stock, which served as legs for the table.  Once he created a base for the tile to sit in, he measured up the area for metal art sides.  We love our local mountains and trees, so they served as the base of each side.

metal home decor ideas

Metal home decor ideas built from necessity.

The coffee table started taking shape.  As they say, necessity is the mother of invention!

We decided that polished steel with a satin finish would look best in the room.  Mike found some contrasting tile to add variation to the top.  The resulting table now resides in our front room.  It’s the perfect size.

custom metal coffee table

The new table fits like a glove!


Custom Is Best

It’s easy to shop online for metal home decor ideas.  You might find something that fits a space, but maybe doesn’t have the right look.  Or, you find a design you like but not the right size.  That’s why we think custom is best.  You create the design with our help.  And, it fits your space perfectly.

Here’s some metal home decor ideas that we’ve created for some of our clients.

Mountain Lake Scene

It’s hard to argue with the appeal of a mountain lake as wall art.  Capturing local mountains as a backdrop is even better.  This beauty resides in a Sisters, Oregon retreat home.

Outside the Home

Another local couple wanted to create metal art for their breezeway and front porch areas.  We used photos of the area Cascade mountains to include in both pieces.

City Skylines

Another popular way to include metal art in your home is through city skylines.  We’ve created skylines for several cities.  Pittsburgh being one of the most popular.  We’ve even created skylines as a groomsmen gift!  There’s always some way to include metal art in the home.

Have Your Own Ideas?

Give us a call or use our handy Contact form to get in touch with us.  We’d be happy to work with you, whatever your metal home decor ideas are.  Custom work is our specialty!