Here comes the sun is one of those songs that just makes you smile.  When we started our business, Sunriver Metal Works, the designer thought using a sun would be perfect for our logo.  Read on to find out how that logo keeps on giving.

Here Comes The Sun

Well, of course, you would use the sun when creating a logo for Sunriver Metal Works!  That’s what our designer proposed when she came up with our business logo.  It took a couple of iterations, but the final logo is still the one that we use today.  And, we created several products using it as a theme.

sunriver metal works favicon



The First One

Before we could use this design in metal work, we had to modify it.  One of the eyes is “floating” and would need to be connected to another part of the design.  It is our logo, so we took full advantage of changing it slightly for use in metal.

product gallery yard art sun



For our purposes, we also created it as a double layered piece of art.  That allowed us to highlight part of the sun with a polished steel insert.  We also used a darker patina on the back layer to offset the copper patina top layer.

Fireplace Art

Early on in our business career, we did trade shows in Sunriver.  We created fish railing panels for a local client and kept a prototype for display at the shows.  A new client saw the prototype and liked the idea for over her fireplace in Sunriver home.  But, could we use a sun motif for the center?  Of course!  So a new version was born.  Here comes the sun!

House Decor

A repeat client of ours needed something to decorate their front porch.  They liked our logo but only wanted a single layer.  The resulting piece was perfect!

And here’s another take on our logo, but with a different interior.

sun wall art

A different take on our business logo.

The Most Recent Product

We weren’t surprised when a recent customer referenced the SMW0664 as their favorite sun.  They were building a new home in Sun Cove where all of the owners had a sun-based art piece on their home.  And, the family’s favorite activity was water skiing.  The resulting artwork looks great, and they love it!

sun water skiing art

Unique sun water skiing art.

Looking for unique art for your home?

Our gallery is full of unique custom metal work that will serve as a starting point for your imagination.  Contact us today to start your project!