SMW0664 Metal Logo Sun Wall Art

Looking for a new variation on an old theme?

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Our business logo inspired several products over the past couple years.  First, we created our Sun Gate Art that resides on our gate.  Next, we created a Sun Fireplace Decor Panel for Corinne to hang over her fireplace.  After that, it was SMW445 Sun Wall Art  hung next to Robyn and Bjorn’s front door.  Finally, Wyn and Phil wanted sun art for the stone surround of their wood stove.  They liked the sun rays of our logo but wanted a spiral pattern in the center.  So Mike redesigned it to include a spiral pattern similar to our Sun Burst wall art.  Everything old, is new again!

Colors:  Copper with black patinas in the center.

Dimensions:  23″ wide x 22.50″ high.

Hangers:  D-ring welded on the back.