We love receiving customer photos of our installed pieces!

Customer Photos

When we receive customer photos via email, it’s a stamp of approval that we did our job right!  Many times, we’ll even hear the stories behind the artwork.  This is the first in a series of blog posts featuring some of those photos.

The Mermaid

What do you do with a six foot stainless steel mermaid?  Put her in the gable of your garage on the Washington coast, that’s what!  The mermaid is a design created by this customer.  The gable was fairly tall, so he knew the mermaid had to be big.  It had to be created in stainless steel to withstand the salt air.  They love the final result!

Vintage House Numbers

When this couple bought their new vintage home, their address sign needed to fit the style.  They found a craftsman style font they liked.  Mike recommended the combination of patinas.  Apparently, the neighbors love the new sign as much as the owners!

Split Sisters Mountain Scene

Quite some time ago, we created a Sisters Mountain Scene for a local family.  That scene is one of our most popular pieces.  This couple decided to try something different.  They wanted to split the scene to fill the space behind a wood stove.  It looks great, besides being a creative way to add to the decor.

Sports Logos for Home Bar

It seems like everyone has a unique use for custom metal work.  This customer wanted to create a template he could use to “brand” a home bar.  Being from Chicago, he wanted the various Chicago sports teams logos.  His friends liked the finished product so well, they wanted one of their own!

It’s Always Something Different

As you can see from the images above, it’s always something different at Sunriver Metal Works.  Our customer photos really say it all.  They love what we do, and we enjoy creating them.  And, their photos add a great deal of website eye candy to our site.  Contact us today to create something unique for your home!