The countdown to retirement has begun!  Read further to find out when that date might happen.  It’s a little artificial, but we’re starting to get serious.

Countdown to Retirement

When we started this business in January 2013, we had no idea where it would go.  Or just how successful we would be.  It quickly became a hobby on steroids.

We use a numbering scheme to uniquely identify our pieces.  At one point, we jokingly said we’d retire when we got to product number 1000.  Our current product number – 931!

When Is the Right Time?

In past blog posts, we talked about getting our priorities straight and looking towards the future.  Now, we have our “line in the sand” that we drew staring us in the face.

But when is the right time to slow down and smell the roses?  Neither of us are people who can sit still for too long.  Whatever we do in the future, we’ll probably continue to have creative juices flowing.  But how do you know when to countdown to retirement?

Making Smart Choices

We started out this year by putting a priority on our health and well being.  We’ve already got several trips planned for 2019.  Some in the motor home, and one in Italy.  And, we did a little remodeling to expand our workout area.

That’s on a personal level.  We also decided to make Mike’s life easier in the shop.  We’re improving the lighting.  Amazon has been our best friend while we’ve ordered a new steel cart and a lift for moving steel onto the table.  All of this to make the heavy lifting a bit easier on the body.

We Love Making Metal Art and Signs

We can’t ever imagine not being involved in the creative aspects of metal work.  It’s a fascinating business, and we enjoy working with our customers.

Even if we were to sell the business, we would somehow be involved in the creative process.

We’re Still In Business

So the answer is – we’re still in business.  We haven’t started the countdown to retirement.  But.  We’re thinking more about it.

And, maybe, we’re just curious if anyone reads the blog posts.  🙂