Deja Vu | Getting Our Priorities Straight Part 2

When you hear the term, Deja Vu, most people know what it is.  What exactly does it mean in this week’s blog post?

Deja Vu

We wrote in a prior blog post about getting our priorities straight.  That was over a year ago, when we took some time off to enjoy life.

Fast forward to a year later, and we’ve been working most of the summer.  In fact, it’s hard to believe the summer is more than half over.

We took some time off in March and drove down to Texas for a visit with family.  Then, Mike did a road trip from Alaska to Texas at the end of June.

Most Customers Understand

During our off time, we still received contacts from customers wanting to order custom metal work.  The majority understood that we needed time off and would fit them in upon our return.

We sincerely appreciate that!

Taking time off recharges our batteries and makes work much more enjoyable.  We know that all work and no play doesn’t work.  First, it’s hard on Mike’s body to go 7 days a week.  Having a home business means that happens too often.  And second, our creative juices flow much better when we get a break.

Back To The Topic of Our Blog

We’re off to a wine tasting adventure with friends for a long weekend.  Mike’s been working on orders for the last three weeks to try to catch up from our last trip.  After this brief break, we’ll be working for four weeks straight finishing orders.  All this in preparation for a month long trip to Montana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Texas, Arizona, Utah, and back to Oregon.

This will take us up to gearing up for Christmas orders.

So, yes.  It’s Deja Vu for us.  We’re starting to focus on getting our priorities straight.  Having our own small business allows us to take time off and plan our work accordingly.

It’s a Unique Business

Rather than stopping the business all together, we’re trying this approach.  We love working with people to make their vision a reality.  We’d rather continue to work with people in this manner.  And, we really appreciate people planning ahead.  It makes it much easier to plan around time off.

So, Thank You

For being understanding.  And, for liking what we do.  We’ll bend over backwards to help meet your needs.  But, we will also keep our priorities in mind.

On to the next adventure!