Every year, we look forward to the arrival of spring.  This year, it’s a little different!

Spring Has Sprung

The day we returned from our trip to Texas, it snowed.  And hailed.  And rained.  Pretty typical for Central Oregon weather actually.  It was technically Spring, but something was different.

The first day of Spring, we were in Tucson.  It was sunny and warm.  Not at all like the weather in Oregon.  But, shelter in place was being instituted across the country.  And everything except essential business was closed.  We decided to head home at that point.

Back Home

After cleaning out the motor home and settling back in, we started discovering what our new normal would be like.  We drove into Bend to pick up business supplies and found curbside service in place.  Call ahead, and they would meet you at the door with your product.  Dropping off taxes meant dropping them off – literally!  We stopped at the office and dropped them in a box on the front porch.  Our accountant picked them up after we left.  But at least we were able to wave from a distance.  🙂

We were able to take our motor home in for a few warranty items.  The weather was beginning to warm ever so slightly.  We wanted to be ready to go camping if it turned nice.  But wait!  No local parks are open.  No short trips.  🙁

Mike had several orders to fulfill once we returned.  So, at least he was able to keep busy for a bit.  Fortunately, all the shipping companies are still in full swing.  And shipping times appear to be fairly normal.

Spring Tasks At Hand

The thing about Central Oregon is you only have limited time available for certain activities.  We have a fire season, which will probably be pretty active this year.  So, you have to take down dead trees, pull bitter brush, and start firewood cutting for next winter.  We didn’t have many dead trees, so Mike got a log truck load of logs delivered.  Which will probably result in about 13 cord of firewood.  But wait – we have to cut, split, and stack it all.  Yes – spring has sprung but not for our enjoyment!  We look on the bright side – plenty of outdoor exercise to be had.  Mornings are a bit chilly though at 32 degrees…

The daffodils are popping their heads up.  Courtney and Pat are planning the greenhouse garden, which won’t start until Memorial weekend.  Good thing, since we probably have at least a week more of dealing with our firewood.

Shelter In Place

We’re doing a good job of sheltering in place.  We only go out for business essentials.  Picking up product and shipping metal work.  It usually only happens twice a week.  We were pretty well stocked in the food department and shop at our local Sunriver store once a week.  It’s slightly more expensive than running into Bend.  But, fewer people to deal with and closer.

We try to pick up food from our local restaurants at least once or twice a week.  Cafe Sintra and Marcellos are our favorites.  We try to support our locals as best we can.  Small businesses are struggling right now.  Courtney and Pat have even taken a couple online baking classes from a pastry chef they know.

We’re In This Together

Spring really is an inspiring time.  We want to get out and enjoy the warming days and sunshine.  Taking walks on the property helps keep our attitudes positive.  Even wandering around pulling bitter brush helps with that.

What we do realize is that we’re in this together.  Everyone has made sacrifices.  Most people know someone who has died from the virus.  And, we all know that life won’t ever be quite the same.

But, together we’ll get through this.  We’ll learn something from this experience that will hopefully make our future better.

Stay tough and resolute.  Take inspiration in Spring that will bloom into Summer.

Stay safe.