One of the things we debated about over the years is having an online store.  We decided to finally add a way to purchase a few items through our website.  Now you can shop until you drop!

Shop Until You Drop

Well, within reason.  Over the years, our inventory from doing shows ebbed and flowed.  Shows are hard to plan for, because you’re never quite sure what people are after.  We have some items from past shows that we are now offering for sale on the website.  Our chickadee metal wall art listed here is an example of a popular item.

Custom Work Has Become Our Specialty

We actually haven’t done shows since November 2017.  The majority of our work comes from custom orders through our website.  People google a variety of subjects and find us.  What we’ve heard from our customers is that there aren’t many shops that specialize in custom work.

When we say custom work, we’re not talking about just changing a name or address.  We’re talking about creating metal art to meet a customer’s specific needs.  We charge prices based on a combination of labor and materials.  This makes it a bit more difficult to have a standard price listed on the website.

In Stock Metal Art

The fact that we don’t list prices on the website may be frustrating for some people who want to buy an item right then and there.  You know – shop until you drop!

We’ve no doubt lost customers because we don’t list prices.  So, we’ve decided to add a few items to start and see how it goes.  This doesn’t mean that we won’t continue to do custom work.  It just means that it gives people an opportunity to buy now rather than order items that may take a couple weeks to create.

Because this will be an experiment of sorts, we won’t use a traditional store front.  It will operate pretty seamlessly, but it will require interaction with us to complete the transaction.  You will find our store as a menu item on our home page with products for sale.

Our idea is to use a form similar to our Contact form.  The product will have a listed price along with shipping/handling charges. In most cases, we hope to USPS Flat Rate boxes so calculating shipping will be a no brainer.  We would collect your name, shipping address, phone, and email through the form.  We will use PayPal to send you an invoice.  Once paid, we will ship the item to you within 5 business days.  Shipping should occur sooner than the 5 days.

In Stock Can Become Custom

If you don’t want to shop until you drop and prefer custom, we’ll still be there for you.  In fact, we can take in stock designs and make custom pieces for you.  For that matter, anything on our website can be made into a custom piece for you.  Just send us your ideas, and we’ll take it from there!