SMW949 Custom Freighter Sign Metal

Looking for a custom freighter sign for someone special?

Please note SMW# and contact us for pricing.

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Maya wanted to create an address sign using a profile of a freighter.  She sent an image to use for the custom freighter sign.  And, told us which font to use for the name.  We created an earlier sign, The Kinsley’s.  So, we weren’t sure how these might be related.  But they definitely are nautical!

Custom work is our specialty.  Send us an image you want to incorporate into a piece of metal art.  Whether it’s a custom freighter sign or another type of subject matter, we’ll help you out.  Contact us to help you steel your idea!

Colors:  Copper with bronze patinas.

Dimensions:  36″ wide x 7.75″ high

Hangers:  Holes drilled for easy installation.