SMW927 Chicago Flag Skyline Art

Looking for unique Chicago flag skyline art?

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Sam loved the look of our Cincinnati skyline.  She wanted to create a special Christmas gift of Chicago flag skyline art.  Sam sketched her ideas to include the Chicago flag in the skyline.  This was a first for us.  We didn’t even know that Chicago had a flag!  The end result turned out very nice.  A unique blend of our original Chicago skyline with a twist.  We enjoy combining several elements into one finished piece.  Whether a Chicago flag skyline art or other city focused piece, we love designing something new.  Contact us today to start your project!

Colors:  Polished steel, red airbrushed paint, copper with pewter and black patinas.

Dimensions:  36″ wide x 12.50″ high

Hangers:  Picture hangers welded on the back.