SMW898 Forest Service Retirement Gift Gone Fishing

Looking for a Forest Service retirement gift for a special person?

Please note SMW# and contact us for pricing.

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Cody and his co-workers wanted to create a Forest Service retirement gift for their battalion chief.  The office staff budgeted the amount to spend.  We created SMW270 for another forest service retiree and used that as a starting point.  We worked with them to create the perfect sign.  Sunriver Metal Works enjoys working with customers to craft a special message, award, or gift to meet their needs.  We use our products or your images as a starting point.  Just contact us and help us steel your idea!

Colors:  Copper with bronze, and black patinas.

Dimensions:  16″ wide x 25.50″ high

Hangers:  Picture hanger welded on the back.