SMW0883 Custom Metal Fish Mailbox

Looking for a custom metal fish mailbox?

Please note SMW# and contact us for custom pricing.


Caroline wanted to create a unique custom metal fish mailbox for their home.  Their current wood fish mailbox needed to be replaced with something sturdier.  First, she sent various images to give us some ideas.  And, she ordered a stainless steel mailbox and shipped it directly to us.  So, Mike suggested using our fish spinner as a starting point.  Since the mailbox is stainless, we needed to affix the fish parts using brackets.  Caroline even stopped by on a visit to Sunriver to brainstorm how this would work.  The custom metal fish mailbox finally came together after months of collaboration.  Shipped in separate boxes, our customer assembled everything together.  Turned out great!

Colors:  Copper patina.

Dimensions:  35.75″ wide x 15.5″ high

Hangers:  Brackets attached to the fish and mailbox.