SMW0582 Custom Metal Pediment Art Trout

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Terri and her husband searched the internet for pediment art that matched their cabin location on a river.  They found our Oval Trout when we popped up on Google.  The image fit the space perfectly.  But, now we needed to figure out how to create it.  First, we had to Google “pediment”.  The term was new to us, but not to A-frame cabin owners.  It’s the peak of the cabin A-frame.  They also wanted to finish it on both sides, as they would see it from their windowed house front.  Terri sent several sketches, and Mike used his construction know-how to figure out dimensions.  Finally, he designed brackets to allow the piece to hang in a secure fashion.  Their response:  “We just received the fish, it’s awesome!!! We love it! As soon as it’s installed I will send a picture.”  That’s exactly what we like to hear!

Colors:  Copper with pewter and black patinas.

Dimensions:  29″wide x 34″ high

Hangers:  Holes drilled on each side to attach to custom brackets.