SMW0309 Custom Metal Address House Sign Elk Mountains

What a nice Christmas present!

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What do you give a special couple for Christmas?  A custom metal house sign made by Sunriver Metal Works!  We had fun working on this sign for friends, Jill and Noel.  Jill’s sister contacted us saying she wanted to surprise them at Christmas with a new metal work piece.  Since we’ve been working with them on decorating their home with metal art, we knew exactly what would make the perfect gift.  They actually helped us design it (without knowing it!).

Colors:  Bottom layer is copper patina.  The top layer is copper, pewter, bronze, and black patinas with polished steel mountains.

Dimensions:  51.5″ wide x 22.5″ high

Hangers:  Holes were drilled to match the siding on their house and garage.