SMW1109 Personalized Mt Hood Art

Personalized Mt Hood art as an anniversary present.

Please note SMW# and contact us for pricing.


Amanda and her husband wanted to create personalized Mt Hood art for an anniversary present for friends who live in the Columbia Gorge.  Mt Hood is a prominent feature, as is the Columbia River.  She really liked SMW0822 as a starting point but without borders.  Amanda also wanted a unique font for The Bensons.  Her response when she saw a photo of the finished piece?  “Omg!!! Love it!! Thanks so much!”  It’s not uncommon to send the art or signs directly to gift recipients.  The givers always like to see the finished piece!  Would you like to create unique art for friends or family?  Contact us.  Custom work is our specialty.

Colors:  Copper, black, bronze, and pewter patinas with polished steel and airbrushed paint.

Dimensions:  23.75″ wide x 19″ high.

Hangers:  Holes drilled for easy installation.