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SMW1026 Custom Motorcycle Wall Art

Custom motorcycle wall art makes it way to the UK!

Please note SMW# and contact us for pricing.


David sent a photo of his prized motorcycle to create custom motorcycle wall art.  He liked the SMW0088 Motorcycle for the finished look.  The real challenge in finishing this order was where the motorcycle would be shipped.  David first contacted us through our business Facebook page.  We have shipped outside the states, but it’s always a unique experience.  You can’t track the package once it leaves the US via USPS.  It gets to Customs, and all bets are off!  There’s a happy ending to this shipment story.  It made it to the UK, and David loved it!

Colors:  Copper with black patinas.

Dimensions:  15.50″ wide x 10.25″ high.

Hangers:  Picture hanger welded to the back.