If it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad.  Song lyrics or theme of our most recent adventures?  You decide.

If It Makes You Happy

I always love a good Sheryl Crow song.  This one became our theme song on recent adventures.

We’ve decided that all work and no play will not be our theme this summer.  We’re still working, but at a pace more to our liking.  We’ve mixed in several trips every couple of weeks.  And, we’re visiting friends and relatives to add to the fun.

It Can’t Be That Bad

Thinking about retirement is not a bad thing.  But, we’re not quite ready to give up the business.  We enjoy what we’re doing.  It’s creative and gets our juices flowing.  And, we really enjoy working with our customers to create new and exciting projects.

We grew up hearing that idle hands are the devils playground.  You must be busy and productive at all times.  Generally, we are.  But as we age, we are appreciating the things that might have been considered idle time.  Such as spending more time visiting with friends.  And, exploring new areas and opportunities.

Travels in our motor home have really opened up a new way of thinking for us.  See what others are doing in different parts of our state and region.  Kick back a little.  And, have fun.

If it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad – right?

More Travels Around The Corner

We’re currently working in the shop and getting ready for our next trip early in August.  Then another trip with friends in the Columbia Gorge and along the northern coast of Oregon.  We’ll finish it up with a trip in September to Wisconsin to visit Pat’s family.

October brings new adventures, as Mike takes his first trip out of the country.  We’ll be traveling to Italy and staying in Tuscany for a couple of weeks with friends.  This trip will definitely be stretching our comfort level.

But hey – isn’t that what life is supposed to be about?  Try new things and live life!