Get Priorities Straight – It Makes Life Easier!

Running a small business and balancing life issues can make you crazy sometimes.  This year we’ve tried to get priorities straight both personally and professionally.  Life becomes a bit more hectic when you do that, but the gains outweigh the challenges.

Get Priorities Straight

It’s easy to let your business run your life.  You get caught up in trying to fill orders and work with customers to meet their time frames.  Your focus becomes more about making other people happy rather than yourself.  Don’t get me wrong.  We love what we do.  And, we enjoy making people happy.

But sometimes you can let that drive to please take over your life.  And whatever priorities you might have set for yourself.

This year we’ve decided to change our direction.  We are working to get priorities straight in our life.

Home Projects

We created a new outdoor living space at our home and have enjoyed it immensely.  Our new covered patio allows us to be close to nature year round.  It’s perfect for solitude or entertainment.  We LOVE it!  But, Mike ended up taking three weeks out of the shop to help build it.  The contractor had an accident and could only do a limited amount of work.  Mike enjoyed putting his pouch back on, but some of the work was delayed.  Fortunately, our clients were very understanding!

get priorities straight

Family Time

We spent more time with family this summer.  A week in Alaska visiting Mike’s son and daughter-in-law proved to be a great break.  Sea kayaking and Denali were high points.  A 4th of July weekend family gathering followed.  In order to do this, we asked potential clients to wait until we returned.  They did, and July was very busy.


Combine Business and Pleasure

Now, we’re planning 3 weeks off in September to drive our motor home to Minnesota and Wisconsin for a combined business and pleasure trip.  We’ll visit Pat’s family, as well as deliver art work on the way.  We’ll also stop at a few galleries to discuss commission pieces.

Better Late Than Never

Whether it’s health scares or realizing that time passes by quickly, it’s never too late to get priorities straight.  We’re trying to achieve that fine balance between work and play.  It’s just taken us awhile to get there!