Customer Stories We Love

Sometimes you read something that tugs at your heart strings.  This morning’s email contained one of those customer stories we love.

Customer Stories We Love

We first heard from Steve in early 2016.  He wanted to create word art for his wife that simply stated “Totus Tuus“.  Having never heard the phrase before, we had to look it up.  A couple of definitions popped up, including Totally Thine and Totally Yours.  Either way, it summed up the way he felt.  We knew a larger story existed, but we didn’t want to pry.

He loved the sign and sent a photo of the word art installed on their shelf.  We heard from him later in the year, when he ordered a sign for a special uncle on his 60th birthday.  Uncle Ricky loves to work in his shop.  The resulting sign still brings a smile to our faces.

Back to This Morning

Steve is back!  (We love our return customers!)  He wants to create a new sign.  A simple sign with several dates of significance for him and his wife.  But, the story behind the dates is special.  He chose to share the story with us.

After trying to conceive for several years, their miracle baby came into the world.  So, they want to create a new sign.

We can’t wait to send it their way!