What to do when you’ve decided to take a few weeks off and you need to keep an active website?  Blogging on the road and publishing draft products, that’s what!

Blogging On The Road

I’m a pretty good typist using a good old fashioned QWERTY keyboard. But add an iPad that requires more of a single finger hunt and peck skill, and blogging on the road becomes a bit more tedious. So on a sunny afternoon in Wisconsin, we’re doing what most people do. Watching a Packer game and writing a blog.

So forgive me if I’m a bit distracted and this entry is a bit disjointed. 🙈

Preparation helps

For this trip, I decided to prepare a bit. Maybe adding a product a week would help Google look at us as active rather than inactive. So I drafted up enough product entries to release from the iPad. It didn’t work well in the past to rely on wifi at RV parks. So, our phone data program will take a little hit.

Have fingers will travel

So hunt and peck will be the mode for this blogging on the road. It seems to be working. Only time will tell!