If you watched TV last Sunday, you should know the answer to this statement.  And The Winner Is – Kansas City Chiefs!

And The Winner IS

The Super Bowl this year had two great teams playing.  Regardless of who you rooted for, you have to agree that it was a pretty good game.  We watched and cheered for both teams, but we were pulling for the Chiefs.  Mostly because we created a sign a couple years ago that featured the Chiefs.  And it really was their time to win.  Fifty years is a long time to wait.

Football Focused Metal Art

When we created this sign a few years back, it was a gift for new home owners.  We hadn’t done much football focused metal art.  This one was fun and showed the Hills as supporters of their team.  We imagine they are celebrating now.

Four other football focused pieces we’ve done are for Green Bay, Southern Oregon University and the Steelers.  The Green Bay piece was mounted on wood by the customer.  The Southern Oregon University piece celebrated a son’s victory as coach of the team.  A Steelers fan loved the skyline with the logo.  Another fan loved all the Pittsburgh teams.

Want To Create Unique Sports Art?

And the answer is?  We hope – yes!  If you’re a sports fan or know someone who is, contact us to create unique art featuring your favorite team.  We would love to STEEL your idea!