When In Rome | Do As The Romans Do!

You may be wondering what “when in Rome” has to do with Sunriver Metal Works.  Read on to find out!

When In Rome

This blog post will be short and sweet.  It’s Thursday morning, and I’m in a hurry to get everything done before leaving for a week.

Mike is finishing up a long road trip (adventure) today with his son, Travis.  They are moving Travis and Tarna’s household from Anchorage, Alaska to somewhere north of Houston.

A running narrative of Mike’s trip includes the siting of wildlife along the way.  Each day brings a different segment of nature and road hazards.

Driving through Alaska and Canda’s Yukon territory, they constantly watched out for moose.  Then it was bear.  Although exciting to see the wildlife, it could also be treacherous to their safety.

Back in the United States

Once they crossed the border, the wildlife changed slightly.  But, in Wyoming it became antelope watching.  The quick footed antelope usually stay off the road.  After seeing one smeared on the highway, they realized that wasn’t always the case.

Once in Colorado and back on the interstate, they faced the wily semi-truck driver and road dodgers.  You know.  Those crazy drivers that always think they can weave through traffic to reduce 15 seconds off their road time.  After a blown tire on the interstate and harrowing moments changing the tire, they were back on the road.

Texas In Site

Today, they finish their trip in 3 or so hours.  It’s been 4,200+ miles in 8 days.  Whew!  Not for the faint of heart!

I fly out tomorrow morning.  After spending a couple nights in Austin with friends, I’ll be making my way north of Houston for a few days vacation.  And, it’s supposed to be extreme heat and humidity.  Not at all like the high desert (no humidity) area we are from.  But, it is the land of BBQ and tex-mex food.

So, as they say, “When in Rome.”  We plan on consuming the local fare and enjoying a little time off.  Mike will be happy to not be driving.  Just like when we were in Minnesota eating everything deep fried at the State Fair.  We’ll be enjoying Texas and all that that entails!