What do you write about when you’re not sure what to write about?  How about a quick update on what’s happening on the home front.

What’s Happening on the Home Front

Covid Vaccines

You may have read our last blog about our frustrations with getting an appointment for covid vaccines.

The first great news is that both of us finally got our first Covid vaccine shots!  We understand that this is a personal decision for people.  We happen to be ones that wanted to get the vaccine.  So far, so good.  Our first Moderna shot left us with a slightly sore arm for about 24 hours.  We’re hoping the next shot will be the same.

It’s a struggle going through this pandemic.  We know it has been hard for everyone.  People are tired of masking and social distancing.  We get that.  The hardest part for us has been limiting our travel to visit friends and family.  We have managed to take trips in our motorhome – our personal social distanced vehicle.  Flying places is the limiting factor for us.  Missed 90th birthday parties or 50th year class reunions is just a fact of life.  Everyone has had to experience this.  Things will change.  It will just be awhile longer.

Custom orders

When we look at what’s happening on the home front, we have to look at custom orders in the shop.  Things have definitely slowed down this year.  Last year was a roller coaster.  One month would have lots of orders followed by a month with few orders.  Since the first of the year 2021, we’ve been experiencing the same sort of thing.

Don’t get me wrong.  It’s kind of nice to start slowing down a bit.  We’ve certainly been doing a lot more reading.  And eating!  Thank goodness for our Peloton classes to keep us active!

Spring activities

The snow is melting and spring is in the air!  Mike has gotten the chain saw out to take down some dead trees.  And, we keep working on our defensible space around our home.  The elk and deer manage to come around and clean up the limbs for us, so that’s an added bonus.  We’ve actually had lots of visits from our four legged friends this winter.  A great distraction!

Camping trip planning

We had to put our shop cat Sammi to sleep last fall, so we’re down to our dog (Cutter) and indoor cat (AJ).  They go camping with us, so now we can plan a few local trips.  Maybe wine tasting in the Willamette Valley this spring or camping at Lake Billy Chinook.  Just have to decide when we can head out.

Not much else to report.  Just needed to get something out there so you know we’re still kicking.  Hope all is well with you and your family.  Here’s to a better year than 2020!