True North | Finding and Keeping It

Google “true north” and you find everything from definitions of magnetic true north to self-help books.  There are Facebook pages, blog posts, and scientific explanations on how not to get lost when relying on a compass.

This week’s blog is about how we discovered our path to this business (our current true north) and the struggles to maintain it.

The Beginning

Starting in high school, Mike enjoyed working with metal.  In shop class, he built a small trailer that we still use.  He’s always been a “make it work” kind of guy, which served him well during his 20+ years building homes.  He welded during that time and still uses the welder in our business today.  The recession forced him into a different job, so his creative spirit turned to a hand held plasma cutter for a new outlet.  We toyed with the idea of starting a metal work business while still living in the Willamette Valley.  The logistics and timing just didn’t seem to work out.

Charting a New Course

As luck or fate would have it, we decided that moving to Central Oregon would be a new start for both of us.  We found a home just south of Sunriver with the perfect shop.  Mike sold his jet boat before we moved, which provided the needed capital to purchase a CNC plasma table.  And, we found Arclight Dynamics in Bend, the maker of our CNC plasma table.  Our true north was starting to take shape.

That’s the thing about finding your true north.  Sometimes the path presents itself.  You have to be willing and open enough to take it when it comes along.

Our True North

Our combined talents and experience has lead us to where we are today.  Both of us are creative as well as practical.  We balance each other in how we approach a problem.  We solve problems differently, but always manage to see the value in the other solution.  Working with people and the creative process keeps us focused on what we love about our business.

The business will change as we change.  Our path will be different than others may follow.  The important part is to be true to yourself in whatever you do.  The rest will come naturally.