You are probably wondering what these three things have in common, especially the Eiffel Tower. The TILE part of the story is how production at Sunriver Metal Works came to a standstill on July 22.

Tile & A Teen

Mike and Pat were in remodel mode, as Mike’s friend Cactus came to help install about 450 s.f. of heated tile in the house. Cactus is a tile setter from the Willamette Valley.  The TEEN is Calle, Cactus’ 13-year-old daughter.   Cactus and his wife, Tara, decided that Calle was ready for a change during the long summer vacation.  So, Calle came along for a week in Central Oregon.

Each day progress was made in the house, but no steel was cut.  Lots of tile was cut though!  While Mike and Cactus worked, Calle and Pat ran errands, explored Sunriver, shopped, prepared meals, and generally hung out.  Calle spent her spare time sketching with colored pencils.  One of her inspirations was the columbine that grew in the backyard.  The result was this beautiful sketch she gave to Pat.


A special gift from Calle.

Eiffel Tower

Calle also talked about her love of Paris.  She collects anything and everything she can about Paris and hopes to visit there someday.  She can’t wait to see the Eiffel TOWER!

Mike wanted to show Cactus how we create designs and cut steel to produce our wall art and signs.  Cactus had Mike make a replica of Tara’s motorcycle for her birthday.  You can see the motorcycle in the Gallery.  How perfect would it be to create the Eiffel Tower with Calle’s name on it!  Pat designed the sign and Mike cut it out.  Cactus helped decide which patinas to use for the finish.  Calle loved her gift and took a picture of it against the new tile.  What a picture perfect ending to a busy week!

And Some Fun Outside the Shop

But wait!!!!!  We actually had some REAL fun.  Sunday morning was spent floating down the Deschutes River with friends.  A perfectly relaxing way to end a hard but rewarding week.

Deschutes River relaxation

Deschutes River Trip