The Lights Are On But Nobody’s Home

If you Google “the lights are on but nobodys home”, you get a wide variety of definitions and examples.  One of the definitions is “someone who is mentally vacant”.  That’s kind of the way we’re feeling today at Sunriver Metal Works!

The Lights Are On But Nobodys Home

We need to mentally and physically get off the merry-go-round sometimes.  Even taking an afternoon to ride the snow machine in the mountains helps.  We did just that last Thursday.  Taking a few hours to ride back into Elk Lake Lodge for lunch was just the break we needed.  We were focused on shipping out nine orders a few days prior.  So, it helped to realize that there’s a big wide world out there.  An adult beverage didn’t hurt either!

the lights are on but nobodys home

Balance in Work and Play

Balancing your life with business is a struggle sometimes.  We could work 7 days a week and never quite catch up.  Seems like there’s always something to do.  Then there’s the home project front.  Last week we cut down four large ponderosa pines and spent three days removing them from the yard.  Thank goodness we paid the tree company to cut them down and chip up the branches!  We’d still be working on them.  Where we live, tree removal is something best done in early spring.  Fire season and its’ restrictions limit what you can do.  You also want to take down trees before nesting season begins.

Our Clients Keep Us Creative!

The feedback we get from our clients is one of the main things that keeps us going.  Jason recently sent us a photo of the new ranch sign we created for him.  It looks amazing (and we’re not just saying that).  It’s incredible!  The tree was designed from a photo Jason sent of a prominent tree on their ranch property.  Mike did a great job of translating our client’s vision into reality.  We worked with Jason for almost two months to get the dimensions, fonts, tree and finish just right.  The signs are offset from the wall to give dimension.  And best of all – our client is very pleased with the end result!

custom metal ranch sign

Time Off Is A Must

In order to keep our creative juices flowing, we try to stay away from the “deer in the headlights” look.  If we start feeling mentally vacant, it doesn’t help us and it doesn’t help our clients.  We need to maintain that balance whenever possible to keep a level of excellence in our work.  Whoever said “all work and no play makes Jack (aka Mike) a dull boy” wasn’t kidding.  It’s important for both of us to stretch our minds in other directions sometimes.

So please don’t mind if we take a few days off here and there.  You’ll be much happier that we did!