You may think the Texas Two Step is a dance move that originated in Texas.  Think again.  Keeping up with the granddaughters is like doing the Texas Two Step!

Texas Two Step

When you Google the term, you find all kinds of results.  First, there’s the Texas lottery game.  Then there’s the YouTube video showing you how to do the Texas Two Step.  And the search results go on and on.

But, I digress.

This post is really about taking time to enjoy the grandkids.  And that’s just what we did last week.

Fun and Games

The oldest granddaughter, Paxon Jean, is now 18 months old.  Her little sister, Devyn Quinn, arrived in March.  The two of them have Mom and Dad on the run.  Both are cute as a bug’s ear (whatever that means).

Paxon is really developing quite the personality.  She’s tall and running around the house as fast as she can.  Grandpa definitely had to work to keep up with her.

Little Devyn is doing what most 6 months old do.  She’s eating, pooping, and sleeping.  Oh, and crying when she wants everyone to know she’s still around.

We had a great time spending the week with Mom and Dad and the girls.  It’s hard to believe that Paxon was once as small as Devyn.

Spring in Texas

We missed the bluebells, but plenty of other flowers were blooming.  Flying in just before a storm, we got to experience the lightning and thunder so commonplace in Texas.  Flying out, we got to experience the turbulence so commonplace with Texas afternoon flights.  Red eye flights for the next trip!  Or better yet, driving the motor home down.

The nice thing about a front coming through is the drop in humidity and sunshine.  The weather was in the 70’s and sunny with low humidity levels.  Perfect for taking Paxon for walks in the park.  Our morning ritual started as soon as Paxon came down and had breakfast.  All you had to do was ask if she wanted to walk.  She got the stroller and away we went!

Great to Get Away

It’s always good to get away and take a break.  Visiting the family in Texas is icing on the cake.  Not to mention that the daughter-in-law makes fantastic cakes!  Chocolate espresso cake with butter cream cheese frosting with crushed oreos.  Yummmm!

But, it’s back to work.  No rest for the wicked or weary.  On to making signs and art for our customers.  Until the next time.