Spring is never overrated.  Just ask anyone who has gone through a long winter.

Spring Is In The Air

We’ve had a rough winter.  Just ask anyone in Central Oregon.  Funny thing is that it all happened in the last two weeks of February!  Just check out our last blog post if you want to read more about it.

The winter started pretty dry.  Everyone thought a drought was near.  But,  never say never!  Snow was right around the corner.

Now spring is in the air!

And The Sun Is Shining!

We’ve had a glorious week of 50 degree temperatures and sunny skies.  Sun glasses and sun screen became our best friends.  Especially sitting on the front deck in the afternoon.

You start thinking about getting the motor home out for new adventures.  And, it becomes much harder to work inside.

But, Wait!  Ice Dams Lurk Nearby…

You certainly start thinking that all your winter woes are gone.  But, wait!  Even though spring is in the air, a silent killer lurks nearby.  The ice dam!

Every year, we learn something new about roof and snow tricks.  We were proactive this year in removing snow off the roof.  Specifically, the valleys and around the gutters.  You can never be lulled into thinking all is well, though.

After several days of sunny days and melting snow, we heard a steady drip, drip in the house.  An ice dam formed about 8 feet up the roof.  Mike scrambled up on the roof and broke it up.  Drips disappeared in a minute.

New Opportunities

It seemed like each day presented new opportunities to learn more about our roof and the melting snow.  Now our strategy will be different for next year.  And, we’ll learn new things again.  You can’t predict what each weather day will bring.  Nor can you predict how snow melt will transpire.

The one good thing about the first day of spring?

You know winter is behind you (or close behind).  And, the memory of a bad winter fades like your tan at the end of summer.

We think we’re finally in the clear.  No more dripping.

Back to Work!