At Sunriver Metal Works our motto is “custom work – our specialty.”  Because of that, it truly is something different every day.

Something Different Every Day

All you have to do is look at the “New Products” section of our website homepage.  That is the best snapshot of what we see every day.  We never know what type of requests we will get.  For some reason, this Christmas season was the year of the semi.”  Apparently, Google placed us in a high enough ranking so that we appeared as one of the first entries for semi truck art.  Who’d have thunk?

Variety Is The Spice of Life

It’s definitely more interesting if your job has a lot of variety.  No humdrum run of the mill types of things here.  Everything from word art to mountain scenes to dog art.  Mike sometimes finds himself scratching his head on how he will design a piece based on someone’s description.  Sometimes we collaborate to come up with ideas.  We work together pretty well on bouncing ideas off one another.  Anyone that has a husband and wife small business will tell you that sometimes it can be a challenge.  Throw in Covid and lots of together time, and you get to know each other pretty well.

Early Days

When we first started the business, we did quite a few local trade shows.  We were trying to guess what our customers might want.  That meant you usually had to produce a variety of products and sometimes quite a few of the popular ones.  We started feeling a bit like a production shop.  Once we started doing more custom work, we were able to do fewer shows.  Eventually, we decided that custom work really was our bread and butter.  And we liked doing something different every day.

On-Line Shop

A few of our smaller items are available through our on-line shop.  We don’t have an “official” shop.  All we ask for is basic information on item number, shipping information, and email.  We send our invoices through PayPal, where you can use a credit card through a secure link.  We try to ship within 2 days of an order.

Easy Custom Ordering

It’s pretty easy to start the process to order a custom piece.  Just click the Contact Us on the website menu, and away you go.  We can handle the whole process through email.  But you can always call us if that works better for you.  It’s just the two of us – Mike and Pat – that handle everything.  We try to keep it easy and approachable.  Just let us know if we can help you out!  We love to do something different every day!