You’ve heard the song “So Far Away.”  These days, we are thinking the Covid vaccine is so close but so far away.  It’s a feeling that many people in the country feel.

So Close But So Far Away

We’ve talked about the pandemic in several blog posts.  The first one talked about where we were when things started changing a year ago.  Then we discussed our observations of Covid and Small Business.  Today, we’re anticipating the vaccine.  And what that means.

The So Close Part

The most recent news for Deschutes County is that people 65+ can start scheduling appointments for their first vaccine starting March 1.  Even though that means Pat can start the journey of scheduling, by all accounts it is an frustrating one.  We’ve all heard the nightmare stories of people dealing with websites for scheduling.  Only 3,000+ 70 year old residents have gotten their 1st dose, and we’re pretty sure there’s more than 3,000 70+ people in our county.  That means that all of the people above 65 will be attempting to schedule vaccines.  So close but so far away…

We’re hoping it won’t be that bad, but only time will tell.

The So Far Away Part

Mike is younger than 65.  We haven’t seen any schedule for those residents and if they will be broken into groups.  Again, there’s quite a few people in the under 65 group.  We’re thinking this will mean that maybe he’ll get his first shot by summer.  Fingers crossed!

What Does This Mean Us and Everyone Else?

It’s going to be quite a while before things turn to normal.  We’ll be wearing masks and practicing social distancing for quite a while.  We’ll miss Pat’s mom’s 90th birthday in April.  And all the other family events and travel that we would usually be experiencing.  We’re in the same boat as everyone else.

But, such is life.  We’ll survive.  It just seems that everything is so close but so far away…