Every year Small Business Saturday rolls around, we think about the past year.  What has worked and what hasn’t.  This year, we are looking at it from a Lube Oil Filter approach.

Small Business Saturday

It’s appropriate that Small Business Saturday happens right after Thanksgiving.  It gives us an opportunity to look at what we’re grateful for in both our personal and business lives.

This year, we are evaluating how the Lube Oil Filter approach pertains to our business.  You can spin it several different ways.  This is how we see it.


We look at the lube in several ways.  It’s what makes our business tick.

  • It’s our shop.  Mike keeps the shop running smoothly.  After six years in the business, he knows what works and what doesn’t.  His efficiency allows him to work smarter, not harder.  At least that’s the approach.
  • It’s the website.  Pat maintains the products and blogs.  And she works with Scott at Ladder Creative to make changes when needed.  It can be challenging to keep a responsive website that has “plugins” from different vendors whose updates don’t play nice with others.
  • Creativity.  Both of us are creative types who know how to work with people’s ideas to create a finished product.  We work together and bounce ideas off each other on projects.
  • KSAs (a term from old Human Resource days).  The knowledge it takes to run a business (we’ve learned this over time).  The skill to make the product and run the business (again, learned over time).  The ability to put it all together and be successful.


Customers.  Essential to our business.  Although you can develop new products without customers, it’s their vision that expands your horizon.


Communications.  With our customers, our suppliers, each other.  All important to making Small Business Saturday a success.  Since we don’t currently sell at trade shows or craft fairs, we rely on other small business and our website for sales.  Our local Bendy Dog, sells our dog related items and leash hangers in their downtown Bend, Oregon store. All other contacts and sales come from our website.  We try to maintain an active website so Google includes us in searches.  Our customers tell us that the website is easy to use.  Most communications occur via email, which has worked well for us.

Thanksgiving & Small Business Saturday

To us, Thanksgiving and Small Business Saturday are perfectly matched.  We are thankful for YOU and appreciate the support you give us each and every day we work with you.  From our house to yours, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

small business saturday

Small Business Saturday – another day of gratitude!