Small business and customers

Ever since we started the business in 2013 we’ve been told that we needed to start an email list of potential customers.  Just getting a small business started is challenging enough.  So we avoided that sage advice and worked with each new client as they contacted us.

EmailIt’s easy to follow many of the leaders in the social media marketing world.  They give free advice (to a point) to small business, and you can learn a little about a lot of topics.  Where the rubber hits the road, however, is deciding how much time to devote to marketing strategies.  Developing an email list is one of the primary ways that marketers develop leads for potential sales.

But, sales is not the only reason you maintain an email list.  You can send quarterly newsletters to keep your customers informed of what’s going on.  Monthly you can send out emails with links to your blog.  Announce seasonal products as well as special sales coming up.

Unfortunately, keeping in touch in social media this day and age means you must spend money to advertise.  Facebook has cut organic reach to followers down to zero for small business and large alike.  Instagram will not be far behind.  Pinterest has advertising options which allow pinners to easily connect to your website and purchases.  Depending on the amount of time you have to spend connecting with social media, your options increase ($ and time) with results easily measured (more time).

The bottom line

Email is the only way to communicate with everyone you have had contact with.  They have the option of opting out of your emails.  That’s easy enough.  But your loyal friends and customers generally like to know what you’re up to.  And social media does not provide a consistent way to do that.  Not everyone is on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, etc.  But EVERYONE has an email account.

So we’re creating an email list using MailChimp.  It gives you a few options to group your lists.  Finally, and best of all, it’s free.  Our lists aren’t that big, and we’re really trying to see if people are interested in hearing from us on a regular basis.

So stay tuned as we figure out how to keep in touch (without being annoying!).  🙂